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Flight tickets

Beuk Travel; full service business travel agency and IATA agent

Our experienced business travel IATA staff is ready to assist with any business travel arrangements (flights, hotels and car rental worldwide) you may need. We work with reliable partners all over the world and can offer you professional advise and the very best rates on all your business travel requirements. Through our worldwide booking system your flight, hotel and rental car is booked in no time at all!  Quickly and efficiently your very own experienced product manager and travel planner will produce a well balanced and acceptable offer to fit your budget and requirements. 

Flight tickets

Our staff can  pick out the most suitable itinerary  at competitive rates. Our worldwide booking system Amadeus provides information on all possible airlines, flights and connections. Tell us your destination and preferred time of arrival and we will quickly provide you with the best options! Saving you hours of time finding it out for yourself. 

Your personal preferences can be (if you wish) filed. So as a trusted client you can be sure we send you an offer according to  your preferences regarding  airlines, travel times, Frequent Flyer points, aisle or window seats, preferred row of seating as well as any special meals you may require.


Let us know your preferences and we also book your hotel. As well as booking your flights we can check availability of hotel rooms at any possible destination. Of course based on your preferences regarding hotel chain, rates, quality, location, design, type of room, length of stay, you name it. For us it is so simple and for you  sure beats hours of internet surfing.

Rental cars

It may be obvious, but what a joy to arrive at your destination and find your rental car all ready to go.

Han Kuipers, Corine van der Zwart and Annemiek Meirink are happy to plan your trip!

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