Royal VIP transport - VIP la Victoire
Royal Beuk, VIP tranport - VIP la Victoire, interior
Royal Beuk, VIP tranport - VIP la Victoire, lounge
Royal Beuk, VIP tranport - VIP la Victoire, pantry

VIP la Victoire

Super VIP la Victoire, the most beautiful coach in Europe!

Super VIP coach la Victoire is the most beautiful coach in Europe. With this VIP coach Royal Beuk proves again to be a leader in VIP passenger transport. Super VIP coach la Victoire lives up to its name, it is a justified winner! 

Atmospheric home feeling

The passengers will feel at home in super VIP coach la Victoire because of the many possibilities. The on-board kitchen, a refrigerator and a toilet are among the standard facilities on board this coach. An espresso machine, microwave, the cozy lounge, comfortable armchairs and live TV then provide a cozy home feeling in la Victoire. Newspapers, magazines, flowers, a guide or hostess as well as snacks and drinks are provided by us on order.

Work and present options in the coach

The super VIP coach La Victoire also lacks nothing in terms of electronics. In addition to four flat screens with all the usual TV channels, there is a GPS navigation system, visible to all passengers, and a system where the passengers on the flat screens get to see the same thing that the la Victoire bus driver sees, or front view vision. La Victoire is equipped with several notebook and internet connections so that a presentation, with a wireless microphone if desired, is possible in a simple manner.


You can use the internet during your trip in super VIP coach la Victoire. If required, we activate the connection. This internet connection in la Victoire is only operational in the Netherlands. It is possible to use your own UMTS or HSDPA card abroad.


As a super VIP coach, La Victoire meets all legal environmental requirements. The modern engine gives limited CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Let the environment play a role in the choice of your passenger transport and opt for super VIP coach la Victoire.

Facilities on board

  • Air conditioning
  • Atmospheric lounge and tables
  • Business Class armchairs
  • Frontview camera
  • Sky-line glass roof
  • Soundsystem
  • Sublime armchairs
  • Toilet and wardrobe
  • Video and data projection
  • Wireless microphone

Service on order

  • Catering hot-cold
  • Coffee, tea, (alcoholic) drinks
  • Flowers
  • Guide
  • Hostess
  • Newspapers and magazines

Map / Layout

VIP la Victoire with all its facilities and very comfortable seats is the ideal coach for every conceivable journey.
Royal Beuk, VIP tranport - VIP la Victoire
  • Quotation within a day
  • Inclusive driver
  • Sharp price
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