Martin den Haan


At Beuk I have enjoyed working for many years. As a planner I always have enough to arrange and do. In addition, I am also the contact person for all fixed, daily recurring transport.

As a planner, I ensure that our drivers can carry out their journeys well and on time, so that clients are satisfied and the working day for drivers is planned as efficiently as possible. A whole puzzle where I have to take into account all kinds of legal regulations such as the mandatory Driving and Rest Time Act. That is why every day is a great challenge for me.

I am a born and raised Rijnsburger, but now live in Leiden. Barbro, with whom I have been married since the beginning of 2010, brought me there. We have two children, who are nice and sporty just like their parents!

On the road with Koninklijke Beuk?

I arrange that we reach you on time.