Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Beuk is a passenger transport and travel organization that puts together tailor-made business trips, group trips and incentives. We have listed the frequently asked questions. Yet another question? Feel free to contact us.



Lost and found

Have you unexpectedly forgotten something in the coach? Ask our lost property department on +31 71 3656565. If it is found, they will make an appointment with you about the collection of your property. Koninklijke Beuk cannot be held responsible for your lost property. You must keep a close eye on your property.

Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions of the Royal Dutch Transport branch organization apply to our services by coach.

KNV Voorwaarden 17 maart 2017 - NL versie
KNV Voorwaarden 17 maart 2017 - UK versie

Bank, KvK and BTW numbers
Beuk Touringcars   Beuk Travel
IBAN NL29ABNA0568117980   IBAN NL23ABNA0549113460
KvK 28035717   KvK 33164194
BTW NL800312120B01    BTW NL5377584B01


Laws and regulations

Drive and rest time regulations

The time that a driver behind the wheel in a moving coach takes part in traffic may not exceed 9 hours per day. This driving time may be extended twice a week to 10 hours a day. Of these, a driver may drive for a maximum of 4.5 consecutive hours, after which he must take a break of at least 45 minutes. This 45-minute rest may also be taken in two parts if desired; first a period of at least 15 minutes and then a period of at least 30 minutes.

For bus trips abroad or multi-day bus trips in the interior there are additions to the Driving Hours Act. Knowing more? Call us on +31 71 3656565.

Use alcohol

The use of alcohol in our coaches is only allowed if this has been agreed in advance. We offer an extensive catering package, which we send on request. The ban on serving alcohol to minors also applies in a coach. Naturally, the use and transport of drugs is also prohibited.

No smoking

It is strictly forbidden for both passengers and drivers to smoke in the coaches.

Seat belts compulsory

In a moving coach it is compulsory for all passengers to wear seat belts, provided they are present in the coach. It is also forbidden to walk in a moving coach, except to be able to visit the toilet in case of need.

Passengers insured

You are insured as long as you are in the coach. At the moment you leave our coach, our insurance will stop. In some cases, if you also want to be insured at your destination, you must take out your own (travel) insurance.

Coach rental

Rent a bus, how does that work?

Request quote

You can complete and send our quotation form online. We will give you a response the same day. Of course you can call us on 071-3656565 or email. To calculate a price, we ask for:

  • Travel Date
  • Number of persons
  • Departure time
  • Departure place
  • Departure address
  • Destination (s)
  • End time

Based on the above program, we present a type of coach and a rate to you.

Subject to availability

The suggested rates are always subject to availability.

Optional booking

If your travel request falls on a busy day or you have a specific wish for a VIP coach, we advise you to make an optional booking. This booking guarantees your transport, but also gives you complete freedom to cancel before the agreed date.

Terms and Conditions

The general transport and travel conditions of the KNV apply to all our services.

Rent a bus without a driver

Renting a bus without a driver is not possible with us. We only provide passenger transport by minibus or coach with driver. Do you want to know what the costs are if we carry out your journey professionally? Describe your journey, we will give you a price.